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The OBERON Series

Ever wish you could find a small-town love story with magic, mystery, a huge cast of characters and a happy ending? How about an entire series like that? Welcome to Oberon, California. Where murder and mysticism combine. Where the focus is always on friends, families and feelings. And where love will save the day…eventually.

The Oberon series is currently being re-released in brand new, twentieth anniversary, annotated versions (digital and print) starting in late 2023 and continuing throughout 2024. There will also be a few more sequel novellas, a few more Oberon/LA Love Lessons  Crossover books, at least one Halloween story, and three or four more Christmas stories!


For news about exactly when these will be releasing, please join my Facebook group The Crone's Nest


Scent of the Roses

Oberon Book 1.0

For years, Scout Patterson has tried to run from the mistakes in her past.  Now, she's coming home--to face the ghosts she's never laid to rest, and the love she thought she'd lost forever.  Reawakening that love would be a dream come true.  Unfortunately, love is not the only emotion that can last forever. 

Memories and dreams are the only things that have gotten Nick Greco through the past twenty years.  Memories of the girl he loved and lost, and dreams of what his life would be like, if he could only find her again.   And if he can bring himself to believe that anything she tells him is true.


 Can the star-crossed lovers put aside the hurt and distrust they still harbor toward each other?  Or will the evil which already nearly destroyed them once, triumph yet again?

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A Sight To Dream Of

Oberon Book 2.0

Sam Sterling is a man with problems.  Including a partner who is trying to kill him, and a nosy reporter, who's just turned up dead! It's going to take a miracle to save him.  Or, better yet, an angel.

 Marsha Quinn is used to being called a witch.  After all, her abilities as a psychic make a lot of people uncomfortable.  But no one has ever called her an angel before! 


Falling in love was not a possibility she'd ever envisioned, until Sam the skeptic arrives in Oberon, and teaches her to see past the scars she carries, and the lies he's told her, to the love that lies within their hearts and minds.

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Sound Of A Voice That Is Still

Oberon Book 3.0

Some wounds take a long time to heal, others never do.  Four months after being wounded in the line of duty, Ryan Henderson is beginning to fear that his is of the latter variety.  He's a patient man, but a poor patient.  As winter drags interminably on, he's growing desperate for distraction--anything that might take his mind off his injury, before he goes insane.

 Siobhan Quinn could give the injured officer a lesson or two in living with pain.  It's been ten years since her life was changed and her heart critically wounded as a result of the tragic accident that robbed her of her family.  She knows firsthand how grief can cripple a soul and drive a sane mind over the edge. 


Sometimes it seems like Spring will never come again.  Sometimes, the only alternative to living in inner darkness, is death.  Your own, or someone else's.  In the depths of winter, Ryan and Siobhan will have to make a choice: to help each other heal, or die trying.

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A Taste Of Honey

Oberon Book 4.0

For Lucy Greco Cavanaugh, life is a dream come true.  She has it all. The perfect family. The perfect husband. The perfect marriage. What more could she wish for?  Other than the chance to do it all again. To experience once more the agony and ecstasy of falling in love with the man of her dreams. To recapture the joy and uncertainty that comes with starting over.

As far as Dan Cavanaugh is concerned, his life has become a nightmare. His storybook marriage is on the line when Deirdre Shelton-Cooper, the runaway daughter of a former girlfriend arrives in Oberon intent on proving Dan is her father. Even though he's convinced the girl's claims are false, Dan decides his only chance to keep from losing everything lies in keeping her very existence a secret from his wife and family.


But, sometimes, what you don't know can hurt you--and those you love. When Deirdre, masquerading as a surfer girl named Monica, accidentally hooks up with their son, Seth, Lucy and Dan are left to wonder: has their perfect, fairy-tale romance, turned into a classic Greek tragedy?


Sometimes you get exactly what you wish for.  And it's more than you'd ever dreamed.

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Touch Of A Vanished Hand

Oberon Book 5.0

Sinead Quinn has always been something of a drifter.   But now, with her ex-husband trying to blackmail her, and her ex-boyfriend's widow trying to put her in jail, she has no choice but to go to ground.  What better place to hide than with your family?   After all, what are sisters for?  Especially when you're a twin.

 But the first rule of hiding out, is to keep a low profile.  And that does not mean kissing your sister's boyfriend (even if he can't tell the two of you apart); rescuing a troubled teen; or taking a highly visible job as hostess of Oberon's most celebrated new inn.


 Adam Sasso has always dreamed big.  But big dreams beget big complications.  First, his goal to turn the vineyard he inherited from his grandfather into a world-class winery is threatened by a mysterious saboteur.  Next, his plan to run the finest bed & breakfast Oberon has ever seen, is broadsided by a hostess who wants to run him.  Finally, it seems his fondest wish, of finding love-everlasting with the soul mate of his dreams, is about to go up in smoke when he can't convince her that they're destined to be together.


 This summer, it's going to take all the wizardry in Oberon to craft a happy ending for the drifter and the dreamer.

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The Spirit Of The Place

Oberon Book 6.0

'Tis the season to be jolly, but Jasmine Quinn is far from happy about her mother's  latest folly: her upcoming wedding to former Wall Street financier, Sam Sterling.  Jasmine doesn't like her future stepfather, or his values.  Anybody with as much money as Sam, should be spreading it around, aiding worthy causes, making it count for something.  Instead, he seems intent on using his wealth to embarrass her mother by throwing a ridiculously lavish wedding.  But there's one thing about Sam that Jasmine can't help but admire, no matter how much she'd like to--the graduate student he's hired as an intern.

 Brandon Ablemarle is also finding it hard to get into the holiday spirit.  Especially since his dream job has just become a nightmare, thanks in part to the fiery redhead with some of the goofiest ideas he's ever heard of.  But what else can you expect from the daughter of a self-proclaimed psychic?   Marsha Quinn has a lot to answer for.  Not only has she encouraged her daughter's esoteric craziness, she's also turned one of the most brilliant stock analysts Wall Street had ever seen into a nutcase as well.  One who actually appears to believe that the answers to the stock market can be found in the stars!


 It's a clash of ideologies when Jasmine and Brandon get together.  Can the spirit of the season, and the spirit of the place help them to see beyond their differences?


Visions Before Midnight

Oberon Book 7.0

Chay Johnson is a traditional man; and the educator, flute maker, apprentice shaman has a lot of traditions to uphold, especially when it comes to choosing a life mate.

 Erin Allridge is a modern woman, with modern ideas about relationships and a painful personal history she has no intention of repeating.


 When terror and tragedy strike the small town of Oberon, the pair are forced to re-think their visions for the future.


 In this world of form and spirit it can be hard to find balance and harmony, but  sometimes, particularly when the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest, love can find a way to bridge the gap.

Dream Under The Hill

Oberon Book 8.0

The Spring Equinox falls in the month that nearly all Native Traditions recognize as being one of Big Winds--big changes.  And big changes have certainly come to Oberon this spring, along with an ancient evil that must finally be laid to rest.

 Cara Matthews is a girl with a troubled past and a very troubling present.  The teenage girlfriend of Oberon's newest guru has always looked for love in all the worst places.  And it doesn't get much worse than the Church of Truth, Light and Harmony.


 Former cop Liam McKnight could have told her that, but he's infiltrated the cult in hopes of discovering some clue to the whereabouts of his missing family members, and he can't jeopardize his mission--not even for love.


 In a month marked by birth, death and marriage, the inhabitants of Oberon must all come to terms with what's really important to each of them--important enough to die for. Only one thing is certain; when the winds of change finally stop blowing nothing, and no one, will be the same.


And Shadows Have Their Ending

Oberon Book 9.0

The last two years have not been kind to Seth Cavanaugh.  But, he's suffered and grown and he finally feels ready to put his troubled past behind him.  So, doesn't it just figure that the girl who caused all the trouble in the first place should pick now to return and cause him even more torment?

 Deirdre Delaney Shelton-Cooper has spent the past two years trying to forget the events that marked her first visit to Oberon, but can you ever really forget the memory of your first love, no matter how painful those memories are?  It's just her luck the boy she put herself through hell for has turned out to be such a loser.


 After a disastrous reunion, they'd both be content to have nothing more to do with each other, if only fate--and one very determined angel--were not conspiring against them.


 There are some wounds that time can't heal.  There are some dreams that won't come true.  But, sometimes, if you're lucky, shadows have their ending.  And the love you'd just about given up on returns.

Not ready to leave OBERON behind? No problem!

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Going Back To Oberon

A Very Short Story

This story started out as a feature on Cabin Goddess’s “Fourth Wall Friday” blog. Authors were invited to put themselves into a scene where they interacted with their characters. I had a great deal of fun imagining myself returning to the scene of my very first series. It started me thinking about all the stories I hadn't told yet. And it really motivated me to start getting some of those ideas out there.


 You can download the pdf here,  or visit prolific works if you prefer epub or mobi. Enjoy!

  • Prolific Works

What's Next For Oberon?
New LA Love Lessons Crossover novellas,
new Oberon Christmas stories,
and a BRAND NEW Oberon sequel novella.

Click HERE to learn more.

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