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Who's Who in Oberon

Scout Patterson:   Forced to leave home when she was a teen, Scout's return to Oberon is the catalyst that sets a complicated chain of events in motion.   An artist, whose creative spin on real life has led to her being branded a liar, Scout would like nothing more than to settle down in Oberon and forget about her past.  Unfortunately, not every ghost is easily laid to rest.


Marsha Quinn:  Marsha's psychic abilities first surfaced following a near-death experience in her late teens, but her interest in the occult dated from long before.   Though she tries hard to curb her tendency to interfere, her desire to help those around her, to fix things for them and make their lives easier and better, too often gets the best of her.


Lucy Greco-Cavanaugh:  Divided Loyalties. That's always been Lucy's definition of hell. Blessed with a formidable memory and cursed with propensity for holding equally formidable grudges, Lucy tends to see everything as absolutes.  Love, family and friendship are forever.  Good thing the attraction she and her husband Dan have for each other seems to be just as long lasting.

Dan Cavanaugh:  Lucy's husband is every bit as stubborn as she is.  Dan and Lucy have been happily married for years, and he has no intention of letting that change.  But when past sins spring to life,  Dan's refusal to deal with them nearly costs him everything he holds dear.

Seth Cavanaugh:  Lucy and Dan's teenage son  is handsome, athletic and smart. He's an all around nice guy until an unfortunate turn of events changes him into a reluctant and frequently troubled hero with a lot of hurdles to overcome.


Kate Greco and Mandy (Amanda) Cavanaugh: Nick's daughter, Kate, and Lucy and Dan's daughter, Mandy, are more than cousins, they're life-long best friends and are both possessed of an almost fatal curiosity.


Nick Greco:  Twenty years ago, Nick was Scout's mystery boyfriend--not a smart move when you're a rookie policeman and your girlfriend is only sixteen.  But, Nick lives by his own code of ethics and makes up the rules as he goes.  There's no telling what he might do in order to protect those he loves, and more than one bad guy has learned that it doesn't pay to underestimate the bad boy turned cop.


Celeste Greene:  One of Marsha's closest friends and mentors.  She has been there for both Marsha and Jasmine during a lot of the tough times.  Celeste has lived long enough to learn how to roll with the punches.  You might not like the way life turns out, but somehow or other, love finds a way to survive.


Heather Finch and Ginny Hartman:  Friends of Marsha's, these relative new comers to Oberon own the local bookstore.  Sometimes, their choice of reading material colors their reaction to life in the small town.


Jasmine Kahlua Quinn:  Marsha's daughter has abandonment issues. It's not that Jasmine doesn't believe in love, she just doesn't expect to find it...and she never expects it to last.


Kerry Anne  Burnett:  (D)  A math teacher at Our Lady of the Angels High school, the circumstances surrounding her death would remain a mystery for over two decades.


Gil Patterson:  (D) The celebrated, much married artist might not have been much of a father to Scout, but he was a good friend whose generosity made a big difference to  a lot of people. 


Caroline Larson:  (D) Scout's stepmother.  Twenty years ago, she sent Scout away.  Now, her death, and the unexpected terms of her will, draws Scout home again.


Lisa Larson:  Caroline's daughter and Scout's stepsister.  For twenty years, the mystery surrounding her disappearance remained  unsolved.  But, the mischief she helped create all those years ago could take even longer to resolve.  In fact, it might take all eternity to put things right.


Glenn Gilchrist:  Lisa's high school sweetheart might have gone from chasing skirts to chasing ambulances, but it's hard for an old dog to learn new tricks, and when Scout returns to Oberon, Glenn isn't even interested in trying.


Robyn Smith: A student at the local college, Robyn's perkiness might have been a little hard for Scout to handle--especially first thing in the morning.  But, is that any reason for Lucy to suspect Scout of trying to murder the younger woman?


Paige Delaney:  The local reporter has been happy in Oberon, living the life of a local (albeit minor)celebrity.  Or, as happy as anyone can be with unrequited love burning a hole in her heart.  Always coming in second has a way of taking its toll on a person and, eventually, Paige finds she's ready to move on.


Sam Sterling:  The somewhat cynical stock analyst may have found fame and fortune on Wall Street, but it's only after he seeks asylum in Oberon that he discovers true love, a ready-made family and a whole new view of reality.


Frank and Jesse James:  Marsha's unfortunately named sons bear little resemblance to their namesakes--other than the nasty eavesdropping and snooping habits they can't seem to quit.  The boys have their own agenda when it comes to their mother and Sam, and they're willing to  bend more than a few rules to get what they want.


Camille Johnson:  A zealot for a host of good causes with a hint of Heyoka in her makeup, Camille runs the rental agency that is responsible for renting Marsha's woodland cabin to Sam.


Darcy Boyle:  When her police career was cut short by Paige's expose on her personal life Darcy moved to LA to become a PI.  It's business that brings her back to Oberon--bad business.


Siobhan Quinn:  One of Marsha's six older sisters, Siobhan has not had an easy life.  For ten years the marine biologist was haunted by tragedy, it takes a while for love to melt her heart.  And, even longer for her to learn to adjust to being happy once again.

Ryan Henderson:  The taciturn cop with the penchant for red headed females has a little trouble with twins and more than a little trouble with getting shot! Much as he loves them--especially Siobhan--he sometimes suspects that the Quinn sisters will be the death of him.


Erin Davis-Allridge:  As a volunteer at Siobhan's Nature Center and a student teacher at a local high school, Erin spends more than enough time as it is with adolescents.  And, as her best friend keeps trying to point out, she doesn't need to date them, too.  She'd be in the market for a man who is dependable, rather than dependent...if she were in the market at all, that is.


Fr. Bob Jelaski:  A priest with a past.  Once linked with both Siobhan and Sinead Quinn, will Bob ever find closure or forgiveness for his youthful indiscretions?


Alex James, III:  Marsha's ex-husband, Frank and Jesse's father.  Lucy has described Alex as a weasel.  Sam tends to think of him as a rat.  Given his behavior, it's just lucky for him that Marsha hasn't turned him into a toad!


Gail and Larry:  Two of the volunteers who work at Siobhan's Wildlife Rescue and Nature Center.


Rose and Joe Greco, Sr.:  Lucy's parents remember Scout from when she was a teenager.  They're not convinced she's a suitable wife for their favorite nephew, but they're willing to let Nick make his own decisions--as well as his own mistakes.


Lily Greco:  Nick's mother.  She's suspicious of Scout, and bewildered by her son's behavior.


Joe Greco, Jr.:  Lucy's brother Joey has held a grudge against Scout for twenty years.


Janice Greco:   Joey's wife, she chooses to be amused by the antics of her in-laws.


Stephanie, Jason and Zach Greco:  Joey and Janice's children


Adam Sasso:  The mysterious owner of Lupa e Cervo winery, and Scout's former step-brother, Adam is hiding some dark secrets when he returns to Oberon intent on reclaiming his heritage and finding his soul mate.   But bringing his dreams of founding his own dynasty to fruition might take more than a little magic.


Sinead Quinn: Siobhan's twin sister has long been the black sheep of the Quinn clan.  Sinead had no intention of staying put, when she returned to Oberon, with a violent ex-husband on her trail.   She'd love a chance at a new life, but given her fear of the paranormal, and her predilection for causing trouble, Oberon might not be the best place to find it.  Falling in love might change her mind about that, but can love protect her when new troubles threaten, or when evil from even farther in her past resurfaces?


Carlo Deguzman:  Head winemaker at Lupa e Cervo, Carlo has been at the winery longer than anyone.  Long enough to have learned a few secrets.


Tommy Piccolo:  Sinead's ex-husband is delighted to find his favorite meal ticket living large in Oberon.  He's looking for money and blackmail and extortion are still his methods of choice for getting it.


David Berns and Ray Ruiz:  Two of Seth's closest friends, even they don't understand about the demons that haunt him.


Cole Patterson Greco:  Scout and Nick's new baby, he's the primary reason behind his mother's sleep deprivation


Deirdre Delaney Shelton-Cooper:  A runaway teen searching for her father, she finds more than she bargains for when she comes to Oberon.


Eric Anderson:  Too smart and too good looking--that's how Lucy has described the trouble-maker who was once one of Seth's best friends.


 Ken Cavanaugh:  Dan's youngest and favorite brother, Kenny has always been very fond of Lucy.


Bill Cavanaugh Sr: Dan describes his father as an autocratic womanizer, and  a hard man to live down.


Bill Cavanaugh Jr.:  Another of Dan's brothers, Bill has perfected the art of looking the other way.


Gabby, Rafe, Ana, Cassie, Sandy, Uri and Michael:  The Surf Angels.  A mysterious group of  drifters who pass through Oberon from time to time.


Cara Matthews:  A friend of Seth's.  Lucy and Dan would be even more worried about their son, if they knew about his relationship with Cara. She's the only person Seth knows who has an even bigger problem than he does.


Brandon Ablemarle: Currently working as an intern to the legendary stock analyst Sam Sterling, Brandon is on the fast track to a successful business career.  He believes Marsha is a fraud who is out to ruin Sam


Maya Hoffman:  One of Jasmine's best friends.  Maya might not have found her prince charming, yet, but she's determined to help Jasmine find hers--no matter how many frogs she has to kiss in the process.


Brent Hoffman, MD:  Maya's father has compensated for his lifelong disappointment at not having been born Hawaiian, by creating his own Aloha paradise right here in Oberon.  A doctor specializing in alternative medical techniques, and a musician, Brent was once college roommates with Brandon's father.


Chenoa Johnson:  Another of Jasmine's closest friends.  Her name might mean White Dove, but, as her brother is quick to point out, Chenoa's chief totem appears to be the badger.  She knows what she wants from life, and she's not going to stop 'til she gets it.


Chayton Johnson:  At twenty six, Chenoa's big brother Chay (whose name means Falcon) is already a big deal on the local Pow-wow circuit.  He divides his time between his music, his day job--running a Native American interpretive center in Totawka Regional Park--and his training as a Shaman.


Jerry Yarborough:  Jerry might be Jasmine's biological father, but he's never played any role in her life.


James Francis Quinn:  (D)  Marsha's father made no secret of his disappointment with his youngest daughter's choices.


Russell (Paco) Johnson:  Guru, shaman, ordained minister,  and baker extraordinaire.  Paco is better known to Jasmine and Maya as Chayton and Chenoa's grandfather, and the man responsible for fostering Oberon's very own Junkanoo tradition.


Josephine (Gramma Jo) Haydon:  (D)  Brandon's great grandmother.  She was the only one of his relatives who ever tried to teach him about the true meaning of Christmas.


Emmie and Beth Foster:  Siobhan's daughters.  Ten years ago, the girls and their father disappeared and were believed to be drowned in a tragic boating accident.


Sherry James: Alex's current wife and the mother of his baby girl, Alexandra.


Felicia and Alexander James, Jr.: Alex's parents.


Alexandra  Justine James: Alex and Sherry's baby daughter, Frank and Jesse's half sister.


Fiona, Irene, Meghan and Jamie:  The rest of the Quinn sisters.


Aileen Quinn:  Mother of Fiona, Irene, Meghan, Siobhan, Sinead, Jamie and Marsha.


Drs. Ruth and Haydon Ablemarle:  Brandon's parents.  The two doctor Ablemarles may be divorced now, but they still have a lot in common.


Jeremy Allridge:  Erin's 'trainer husband', and a perpetual student.


Melissa Clark:  Erin's best friend is heavily in favor of dating older men--especially if they are already married.


Olivia Kline:  Kate and Mandy's social studies teacher is hiding a mysterious past and a violent agenda.


Sister Mary Francis Gardener:  The former history teacher turned principal misses many things including her classroom, the change of seasons, and a simpler way of life.


Sister Mary Benedict Romano:  (D) Sister Francis' predecessor ruled the school with an iron fist,  but she could do  nothing about the evil that lurked in the nearby woods.


Ruth Jacobson:  Chenoa's friend and supporter, she finds a kindred spirit in Brent Hoffman.


Liam McKnight:   A firm believer in the philosophy that the end justifies the means, Liam has a lot to learn about using people.


Gregg Gilchrist:  Glenn's bigger, badder brother.   He has a penchant for red hair and a passion for making trouble.


Yahto (Blue) Makespeace:  Chay and Chenoa's cousin.


Jack Connelly:  Lawyer to one of Oberon's nastiest characters, Jack will do whatever he has to do to avoid joining his former friends--either in prison, or the grave.

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