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Title: Christmas Angel

Series: Angels in the Afterlife

Genre: PNR, Angels, Rom-Com, M/M

Tropes: Holiday, lovers reunited, second chance at love

Heat Level:  Spicy 

Length: 35K

Anthology:  Redemption

Type: Sales

Previously Published: No

Date it will be available: February 1, 2023

Release Date: May 16, 2023


You’ve heard this story, or one just like it, a hundred times before. Cranky guy dies without learning the true meaning of the season, gets turned into an angel and is given the job of saving some other poor schmuck from suffering the same unhappy fate.

Usually it’s billed as a romance, or a dramedy, just right for a night of family fun. Which is ludicrous. Even Dickens, the man who invented cheesy Christmas stories, knew better than that. His Marley was clearly miserable, as who wouldn’t be in his situation?  Which, as it happens, is also my situation. 

Hi. My name is Jacob. I’m an angel. And this is my story. 


Coming Soon

Title: Dancing in the Dark

Series: Children of Night

Genre: PNR, Vampires, M/M

Tropes: Holiday, Rejected Mate, age-gap, HFN

Heat Level:  Spicy 

Length: 15K

Anthology:  Vampire's Rejected Mate

Type: Charity, List aim

Previously Published: No

Date it will be available: June 1, 2023

Release Date: September 19, 2023


Sometimes living forever is not all it's cracked up to be

1956 Winnipeg, Canada. Once Armand Renaud realizes that eternal youth is a real possibility, nothing will deter him from achieving his goal. And after one hundred years of solitude, Conrad can’t bring himself to resist the handsome young dancer who’s hellbent on being turned. 

They both know they’re not destined to be the great loves of each other’s lives, but there are worse ways to pass a long and lonely decade or two than in the arms of a passionate stranger. 

Living forever might not be everything they’d hoped for. But, at least they can still get a few things right. Can't they?


Title: Last Room at the Inn

Series: LA Love Lessons/Ugly Christmas Sweater

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Rom-Com, M/F

Tropes: Holiday, snowed-in, small town, Christmas Miracle

Heat Level:  Spicy 

Length: 15K

Anthology:  Let's Get Naughty 2

Type: List aim

Previously Published: No

Date it will be available: August 15, 2023

Release Date: October 24, 2023


Coming Soon


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