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Spend your Holidays in Oberon

The Spirit of the Place 
Oberon, Book 6.0

'Tis the season to be jolly, but Jasmine Quinn is far from happy about her mother's  latest folly: her upcoming wedding to former Wall Street financier, Sam Sterling.  Jasmine doesn't like her future stepfather, or his values.  Anybody with as much money as Sam, should be spreading it around, aiding worthy causes, making it count for something.  Instead, he seems intent on using his wealth to embarrass her mother by throwing a ridiculously lavish wedding.  But there's one thing about Sam that Jasmine can't help but admire, no matter how much she'd like to--the graduate student he's hired as an intern.

 Brandon Ablemarle is also finding it hard to get into the holiday spirit.  Especially since his dream job has just become a nightmare, thanks in part to the fiery redhead with some of the goofiest ideas he's ever heard of.  But what else can you expect from the daughter of a self-proclaimed psychic?   Marsha Quinn has a lot to answer for.  Not only has she encouraged her daughter's esoteric craziness, she's also turned one of the most brilliant stock analysts Wall Street had ever seen into a nutcase as well.  One who actually appears to believe that the answers to the stock market can be found in the stars!


 It's a clash of ideologies when Jasmine and Brandon get together.  Can the spirit of the season, and the spirit of the place help them to see beyond their differences?

I'll Be Home For Christmas 
An Oberon Christmas Story

All Scout wants this holiday season is to get home in time for Christmas. But when your home is in quirky little Oberon, California, nothing is ever that simple.

 It’s the night before Christmas and Scout Patterson is flying home to Oberon after a business trip to LA when a chance, mid-air meeting with an angel has her dreaming of a weird Christmas—one in which she sees what the town would have been like if she had never returned.

Spicy Nick 
Part of the Naughty List
An Oberon Christmas Story

It’s beginning to look a lot like NIX-mas!


Nick Greco is getting worried. His wife has never been a big fan of the holiday season, but this year she seems more distant than ever before. In fact, the last time that he can remember seeing her this distracted was right before their wedding—when she tried to back out of marrying him.


Can you get cold feet after the fact? Is Scout feeling overwhelmed by the holidays? Or underwhelmed by…gulp…him?


Whatever the cause, Nick has a plan. He’s going to spice up their marriage and put the heat back in the holidays. And when he’s done, Scout won’t be saying, “Bah Humbug!” She’ll be saying, “ho, ho…OH!”


Releasing December 8, 2024 as part of The Naughty List.

Now available for pre-order.

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christmas every day_with_lettersxcf.png
Christmas Every Day 
An Oberon Christmas Story

After a Christmas where everything went wrong, Lucy wishes for a do-over.  And, you know what they say: "Be careful what you wish for!"

Love Knows No Season
An Oberon Christmas Story

No release date yet. No real blurb. Just this small tease: When Kate and Cole's GiGi visits the family for Christmas, she brings her new beau along with her, which sends her son, suspicious cop Nick, into a tizzy. 

Lucy: "You didn't know he was coming with her?"

Nick: "Of course I didn't know! I didn't know he even existed! Wait. Did you know?"

Lucy: " parents might have mentioned something about it."

Nick: "Un-freaking-believable. You know what this means, don't you? My Mom's been keeping secrets from me!"

Lucy. "Looks like. But you know what's interesting about that?"

Nick: "What?"

Lucy: "I swear I remember overhearing your mom and mine having a very similar conversation about you back when we were teens. Funny, isn't it?"

Nick: "Yeah, it's freaking hilarious."

Releasing this November as part of the Christmas Wish FREE anthology.

A Very Oberon Christmas 
An Oberon Christmas Collection

A very special collection of four Oberon Christmas stories. Includes the short stories, I'll Be Home For ChristmasIf Everyday Was Christmas, and Love Knows No Season, AS WELL AS the full length novel, The Spirit of the Place

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