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Urban Affairs

Please note that, at the moment, these are all stand alone stories. Although, I do have plans to expand a couple of them into their own series. Because I always want to turn EVERYTHING  into a series


Fiddler on the Hoof

Once upon a time, three authors went to Nashville. They drank a lot of coffee. They drank a lot of wine. They ate some fabulous food.  And they wrote. A lot. And on Saturday evening, they went bar-hopping along Lower Broadway. Call it research.


Somewhere between bars two and three, the idea to write an interconnected series of stories was born. But then life happened. And, the idea died.


But somewhere in the back of my mind, there lived a story waiting to be told. This is that story. It's a little bit true, a little bit not, about something that may  have occurred one night in Nashville...

Year of the Rabbit

It was the year of the rabbit, and someone had the brilliant idea to get a bunch of authors together and have them write rabbit-themed short stories in celebration of  the event.


Everyone who signed up to participate received a randomly generated set of three characters; three adjectives with which to describe said characters; a setting; an opening line; and a line of dialogue that had to be worked into the story somewhere. 

My characters were Doc, a drunk veterinarian; Jim, an anxious bounty hunter; and Candy, a picky stripper. My setting was a Hollywood Premier party. And my line of dialogue was, “Why don’t you take off your shirt?”

This was the result…


Player To Be Named Later 

Story details also to be expanded upon later.

Silver is the New Blonde 

Meet Morgan McDonald, woman on a mission. She's been given a second chance and she's determined to grab at it with both hands. She's gonna prove the old 'snow on the roof/fire in the hearth' adage true even if she has to burn up the whole town to do it!


Not Your Daddy's Dragon

Levi Spencer is just an average guy. He's not royalty. He's not rich. He's definitely not what you'd expect when you think of dragons. Yet when his father dies unexpectedly, Levi finds himself thrust into a world where he's expected to be all three.


Sebastian is everything Levi is supposed to be, and isn't. He's also handsome, charming, accomplished--in short, everything Levi's ever wanted in a man. Well, apart from the whole dragon thing. Dragons are cold-blooded, ruthless, acquisitive, and they rarely do anything without an ulterior motive. So how can Levi even think of trusting Sebastian with his heart? 

Blame it on the Voodoo

What’s a little black magic among friends?

Vampire Rene Boudreaux is more than a little annoyed. It seems sexy voodoo queen Zirondelle Doucette has got him under her spell. Can Zee convince Rene that the only real magic is love? Or will he continue to blame it on the voodoo?

​Please note, this story is NOT connected in any way with the Children of Night series.


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