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Coming in 2025

Welcome to Heartwood!

Located in the heart of the Texas Hill Country, the small town of Heartwood is a charming and welcoming place where you'll instantly feel at home.


Fall for You: Texas Heat

Tessa Barnes couldn’t wait to leave Heartwood in her rearview mirror—even if it meant breaking two hearts in the process. Now, with her career on hiatus and her great-aunt in need of help as she recovers from concussion, Tess finds herself right back where she started, older but not much wiser, about to make all the same mistakes all over again.


 Cooper Donahue doesn’t believe in looking back. As the chef/manager of his family’s new farm-to-table restaurant, he’s got his hands full.


With a goal of turning his legacy into a must-see, Hill Country destination, his focus is on the future. The past? He’d rather that stayed buried. The last thing he needs (or wants) is to dig up those old feelings or fall back in love with his ex—especially when she’s already got one foot out the door. Again.

Releasing January 30, 2025

Now available for pre-order:

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One Steamy Summer: Texas Summer

Releasing June, 2025


Bound to Me: Texas Nights

Releasing August, 2025


Home is Where the Heartwood
Boxed Set

Also in the Works


The Heart of Christmas:
A Heartwood Christmas Story

Possibly releasing in December, 2025

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