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Going Back To Find You

Because even a vampire deserves a second chance. 

When Jason Cook boarded the train to San Francisco, he didn't plan on coming back. He never really thought he'd see Nebraska or Lizbeth Petersen ever again. But when an unexpected turn of events threatens the woman he'd been forced to leave behind, he has no choice but to go back and try to make things right. 

Warning: This is not a drill. Vampires are invading your favorite, small Nebraska town this Halloween. Does this mean Type-O flavored Booze will soon be the new rage in Sapphire Falls? Hopefully, it won't come to that. But you never can tell... 

***This story was originally released as part of the Sapphire Falls Kindle World. It takes place between books six and seven in the Children of Night series.***


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Spanish Love Song

When a Tenth Century Roman soldier meets a Fifteenth Century Spanish courtier, it's love at first sight.

WARNING:  This is NOT a new story. This is an excerpt from Old Sins, Long Shadows, and details Conrad and Damian's first meeting. 

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Blame It On The VooDoo

What’s a little black magic among friends?

Vampire Rene Boudreaux is more than a little annoyed. It seems sexy voodoo queen Zirondelle Doucette has got him under her spell. Can Zee convince Rene that the only real magic is love? Or will he continue to blame it on the voodoo?

***This short story does NOT feature any of the Children Of Night characters. This is an entirely separate vampire world based in New Orleans that I may expand on, at some point.***

Blame it on the Voodoo is currently available as part of the Love's Curse Collection. Get your FREE copy here:

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All Through The Night

Her love will light up his night. If they both survive that long. 

Heather is having the worst Christmas ever! Or, at least, the worst Christmas since she was forced to become a vampire. Her sire's distracted, her nestmates have forgotten her, weirdos have taken over the lair. The only bright spot in her life right now is Drew--who didn't even used to like her! She knows he's coming around, but that's not good enough. She wants more. She wants everything. She wants him. And she's not giving up. 

Drew Geiger gave up on love a long time ago. Such tender emotions have no place in a vampire's heart. But, somehow, the girl he once described as a "feral kitten" has got her claws in him, and she's not letting go. That would be fine, if only someone didn't want her dead--and if her sire didn't recall that it was Drew who once suggested that maybe she'd be better off that way.

This title is scheduled for release this December!


Dancing In The Dark

Sometimes living forever is not all it's cracked up to be. 

1956 Winnipeg, Canada. Once Armand Renaud realizes that eternal youth is a real possibility, nothing will deter him from achieving his goal. And after one hundred years of solitude, Conrad can’t bring himself to resist the handsome young dancer who’s hellbent on being turned. 

They both know they’re not destined to be the great loves of each other’s lives, but there are worse ways to pass a long and lonely decade or two than in the arms of a passionate stranger. 

Living forever might not be everything they’d hoped for. But, at least they can still get a few things right. Can't they?

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Vampire Wisdom

From The Mind of Conrad Quintano

Random thoughts about what it means to be vampire, culled from the pages of the Children of Night books. 

This is very much a work in progress, rather than the definitive document I intend it to be. I'll be adding to these from time to time.  But, for now: You can access it HERE.


The Zillionaire Vampire Cowboy's

Secret Werewolf Babies

Theirs was a love that nature never intended. Bigger than Texas. Hotter than Hades. Weirder than…a lot of other things you might have read about up until now.

Self-made zillionaire Rock Fangsworthy is your typical Texas cowboy…well, sort of. Typical in that the only thing this lethally sexy lady-charmer with the hair trigger temper loves more than his horse is his ranch, The Double Fang. Or maybe his boots. Less typical in the fact he's also a four hundred year old vampire with a shocking secret—he can't stand the sight of blood.

Buffi Van Pelt is just your average girl-next-door winery owner…or is she? The spunky single mom to twin boys also happens to be a winsome werewolf with secrets and troubles of her own. The winery that the gutsy good-girl recently inherited from her grandmother is on the verge of ruin. If Buffi can't find a use for the mysteriously tainted wine before time and her pantry's limited supply of red meat runs out, she and her pups will be left homeless, destitute and very, very hungry. Worse yet, her baby-daddy is the same hunky, bad-boy vampire rancher who's out to steal The Best Little Winery in Bloodsuck from under her paws.

Once upon a time their passion flamed hotter'n a summer's night in Dallas with three Cheerleaders and a side of habanero sauce. Tonight, love's lightning might just strike them twice…but only if the wine don't kill them first. 

***YES, it's a PARODY. Don't say you haven't been warned!***

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