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Lightning In A Bottle

Winter Hearts 1.0

Persephone Winter is dedicated to continuing her father's work.  More interested in the pursuit of knowledge than in love or marriage, she is content to leave matters of the heart -- and the flesh -- to her siblings. The possibility that she could fall in love with one of her experiments is not one she's ever had to consider--until now.

Adam Gardener thought he was doomed. Created to serve as one of the world's first mechanical soldiers, and still unfinished at the time of his creator's death, he was left in the professor's lab, forgotten for months, until a storm set him free. Adam is overjoyed and grateful beyond measure when Percy's curiosity compels her to take up her father's secret work. 

But as Adam is about to discover, being alive is not without its own set of dangers. And as Persephone is about to remember, the human heart is a most vulnerable organ.


Celtic Legends

When an injured selkie washes up on his beach in the midst of a storm, Ronan McDermott has no choice but to take her into his home. He knows she won’t survive long without his help, so he does what he must to keep her alive until the weather breaks and she can get proper care.


Stranded in a world where she doesn’t belong, delirious with pain, and unable to communicate with her captor-slash-caregiver, Meara is storm-tossed in more ways than one. Ronan’s firm manner, his aura of quiet command, centers her. He's a rock she can to cling to.


She knows she shouldn’t trust him; he knows he can’t trust himself. But despite the many reasons to keep their distance, they find themselves falling for one another—and ignoring the questions they should be asking: What will happen when Meara's wounds heal and she's strong enough to return to the water? Will she be happy to leave Ronan behind? Will he even allow her go?

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