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 Fallen Angels Paranormal Romance Collection

Perfection is impossible, even for this collection of angels.

Once esteemed immortals find themselves banished from the heavenly realm and condemned to a life on Earth amongst the mortals, unless they find a way back through the veil. Before they can find redemption they must first learn how to navigate their new life.


Will they find a new appreciation for humanity and choose this life over the one they were created for?


Grab this limited edition collection now before it disappears beyond the veil.  Now in KU.

Includes the Angels in the Afterlife Story, Christmas Angel

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Releasing in 2023
Available For Pre-Order Now
Rejected by the Immortal
 Limited Edition Vampire Rejected Mates Collection 

In the dark streets of the city, immortal vampire kings stalk the shadows. Centuries of power have built their empires, but nothing can slake their thirst for blood—or passion.

A vampire’s fated mate brings them new powers, but before they revel in their new power they first face even greater weakness, which only a few survive and even less are willing to try.

For those few mates who are brave enough to give into the dangerous allure of a vampire mate, they will break all laws of society to be with their true loves but most immortal bloodlines are centuries deep. Is their love enough to break the curse? Only time will tell...


Includes my Children of Night story, Dancing in the Dark

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Let's Get Naughty 2
A Limited Edition  Romance Anthology 

If you think it's too soon to get on Santa's naughty list...think again. It's time for volume 2!

Cancel your plans and spend this holiday season with 26 romance authors who have teamed up to br
ing you a delicious holiday treat.


Releases October 23, 2023. Available for pre-order now!

Includes my story, Last Room at the Inn which features April and Zach from Love, from A  to Z.

  • Books 2 Read
And Just in Time for the Holiday season...
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Stocking Up for Christmas
A Limited Edition Holiday Novella Collection
A Christmas Wish 
A Sweet Romance Christmas Collection

Also Releasing in 2023
Scent of the Roses
Oberon Book 1.0

For years, Scout Patterson has tried to run from the mistakes in her past.  Now, she's coming home--to face the ghosts she's never laid to rest, and the love she thought she'd lost forever.  Reawakening that love would be a dream come true.  Unfortunately, love is not the only emotion that can last forever. 

Memories and dreams are the only things that have gotten Nick Greco through the past twenty years.  Memories of the girl he loved and lost, and dreams of what his life would be like, if he could only find her again.   And if he can bring himself to believe that anything she tells him is true.


 Can the star-crossed lovers put aside the hurt and distrust they still harbor toward each other?  Or will the evil which already nearly destroyed them once, triumph yet again?

A Sight to Dream Of
Oberon Book 2.0

Sam Sterling is a man with problems.  Including a partner who is trying to kill him, and a nosy reporter, who's just turned up dead! It's going to take a miracle to save him.  Or, better yet, an angel.

 Marsha Quinn is used to being called a witch.  After all, her abilities as a psychic make a lot of people uncomfortable.  But no one has ever called her an angel before!  


Falling in love was not a possibility she'd ever envisioned, until Sam the skeptic arrives in Oberon, and teaches her to see past the scars she carries, and the lies he's told her, to the love that lies within their hearts and minds.

Chasing Daylight
A Children of Night/Sierra Shifters Story

This story takes place at the same time as Light Up the Night, but the focus is on Jason and Liz (Going Back to Find You) and their introduction to the BitterRidge Werewolf Pack.


Liz and Jason are star-crossed lovers who got a second chance at love. But the years apart have changed them.  When their friend, Brook, is kidnapped by werewolves the two must work together as a team in order to help save her. 


As the BiitterRidge pack's alpha, Madclaws (Klaus) Winterborn has his hands full when a botched and unauthorized "rescue and recovery" mission results in a potentially violent confrontation with some very angry vampires and their fae ally. 

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