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Revenge Is Sweet
A Collection ofHalloween Tales

It's the most wonderful time of the year...for revenge.

Halloween is a time for tricks, mayhem and murder. This collection of Halloween tales follows the wronged as they seek retribution for the crimes against them. By whatever means necessary.

Read the deliciously dark stories from S. K. Gregory, Ashley Brion, R Jaye, N. D. Testa, DJ Shaw, PG Forte and Kat Gracey.

Includes the Oberon Halloween story, Hungry Heart. Click HERE for details.

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Holiday Kisses
A Sweet, Hot and Christmassy Anthology

Experience the magic of romance this Christmas.


Holiday Kisses is a festive collection of ten exclusive Christmas stories that will make you fall head over heels in love. Are you ready to take a journey with us? Get into the Christmas spirit with these swoon-worthy romances this holiday season.


Stories by: Adina D. Grey, Ann Grech, Maci Dillon, Rosie East, Samantha Baca , PG Forte, Andrea Marie, ️Holly J. Gill, and ️Lynn Stevens

Includes the Oberon Christmas Story, I'll Be Home for Christmas. Click HERE for details.

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Releasing Later This Year

A Winter Heart's Steampunk Christmas Collection

Includes the short story This Winter Night, set in the earliest days of Dario and Ophelia's marriage. And the novella, Winter World of Love, which is set one year after the events of This Winter Heart. 

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Light Up the Night
A Children of Night Story

Her love will light up his night. If they can both survive that long. 

Drew Geiger gave up on love a long time ago. Such tender emotions have no place in a vampire's heart. But, somehow, the girl he once described as a "feral kitten" has got her claws in him, and she's not letting go. That would be fine, if only someone didn't want her dead--and if her sire didn't recall that it was Drew who once suggested that maybe she'd be better off that way.


New in '22!

The Name Game
A Games We Play Story

He knows what to do to save her business. She knows what he needs to fix his life!


Atlas Beach is experiencing a retail renaissance—and Carly Meyer is determined to be part of it.  But she and her sandwich shop, The Lunch Box, are struggling to stay afloat.


Luckily, help is on the way thanks to the Chamber of Commerce’s innovative mentoring program—partnering successful Atlas Beach business owners with some of the newer start-ups. Too bad the mentor assigned to her is the delectable—and highly annoying—Tino DiLuca.


Tino knows exactly what’s been hurting Carly’s business and—exactly how to fix it. But his number one solution, changing the name of her signature sandwich, is the one thing she’s not prepared to do.


Release Date:  January 24, 2022


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