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Fallen Embers
(Children of Night, Book #5)

Early Twelfth Century. When the half-civilized Conrad Quintano stumbles upon a stacked battle on an isolated beach, his first instinct is to walk away. What does he care if a bunch of worthless vampires kill each other? But a dying ember of chivalry compels him to rescue the pretty female vampire in distress -- radically altering the course of his already cursed life.

Present Day. Marc Fischer continues his desperate search for Elise, while his newly single twin sister, Julie, is hooking up with everything that moves -- at least that's how it looks to a jealous Armand. As the twins' unusual abilities grow stronger, Marc makes the mistake of trying to protect Julie from what he's learned about their true nature.

Meanwhile, Conrad's relationship with Georgia -- the vampire he saved centuries ago -- is about to alter yet again. They've each been keeping dangerous secrets. Secrets with the power to destroy the entire clan. Now, with Julie's life threatened, the Fischer-Quintano vampires will learn the most painful truth of all. No lie lies hidden forever.

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Inked Realities
Inked in OakTown 1.0

 Every ending is a new beginning.

Staying out of trouble was never a high priority for Quinn Campbell. What was the point? Between the tats, the muscles, the shaved head, everyone assumes he's a bad boy just by looking at him. But now his sister's future depends on Quinn's ability to convince state officials he's qualified to be her guardian. Messing up again is not an option. But surely there's no harm in cutting loose with a good girl like Jessie Dale -- right? Too bad Jessie's hiding a secret of her own!

Two years ago, social worker Jessie Dale made a big mistake. Her poor judgment cost a young girl her life. That's something the memorial tattoo on her arm won't let her forget. This time around, Jessie's playing it safe. She's determined to discover the truth and uncover the "real" Quinn Campbell -- before anyone else gets injured. Too bad no one told her heart that falling for the big, bad tattoo artist she's about to betray isn't such a good idea.

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