Works in Progress
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Feels Like Heaven:  Jonah may not have had "everything to live for" but that's water under a burned bridge at this point. He's dead, he's in limbo and now he just wants to be left alone. Too bad the afterlife has other plans...  

Inked Realities (Inked in OakTown, 1.0):  Every ending is a new beginning. Tattoo artist Quinn Campbell is looking to change his bad-boy ways. But good-girl Jessie Dale is hiding secrets that could break both their hearts.  

Love Among the Runes:  What do a Norse god, a Dixie cup and a hot blonde have in common? They're all instruments of one man's destruction. Meet Officer CJ Maclaine, currently serving a life sentence as vassal to the Norse god Loki.

Take Me DownBobby loves Kit. It's commitment he can't handle. Until Kit and her sister team up to teach this 'wandering minstrel' a lesson he'll never forget.  (sorry, no excerpt available yet)

Air BorneA Hawaiian honeymoon turns suspenseful when Brent and Ruth unexpectedly find themselves involved in a race to locate and recover the fabled 'Alaneo' stones. (sorry, no excerpt available yet)

Earth WalkBeing Medicine can be lonely, and Chenoa Johnson's sick of it.  Until a chance encounter gives her a new perspective on life, love and healing. (sorry, no excerpt available yet)

Devil Tree Inn There are worse things in life than inheriting a couples-only vacation resort on a  beautiful tropical island.  Too bad Patience Sinclair can't think of any.  (sorry, no excerpt available yet)

Into the Mystic Two best friends embark on a spiritual road trip.  Sometimes, the 'journey of a thousand miles' begins with a single stop...for coffee and doughnuts. Book one in The Lazy Shaman's Guide to Reality series. (sorry, no excerpt available yet)

In the Zona Turista Two women on the run. One finds love, the other finds acceptance, both find magic, danger and a whole new existence. In the tourist zone. (sorry, no excerpt available yet)

Silver is the New Blonde Meet Morgan McDonald, woman on a mission. She's gonna prove the old 'snow on the roof/fire in the hearth' adage even if it means burning the whole town down! (sorry, no excerpt available yet)

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