What do you get when you mix a handful of temperamental tattooers with secrets to keep, a steady stream of hot bodies eager for their ink, and one network producer willing to do whatever it takes to score better ratings? You get Inked in Oaktown - reality TV at its finest and romance at its best...with just a touch of kink.

Inked Memories
Inked in OakTown 0.5

 Every memory leaves its mark.

All Sophie wants is a tattoo to commemorate her battle with cancer. What she gets is celebrity tattoo artist Declan Ross, the same sexy bad-boy who, once-upon-a-time, used to rock her world.

With his hit television show on hiatus, Declan is back in the Big Easy. A charity event at Midnight Ink, the shop where he got his start, seems like the perfect opportunity to use his celebrity status to publicize a good cause...and just maybe improve his own image in the process. The last thing he's expecting, or thinks he needs, is a chance meeting with the girl he left behind.

Last time they were together, Declan was the one who was damaged. This time, they've both got scars; and those you can't see are the hardest to cover.

This story was originally published as part of the Midnight Ink boxed set.

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Inked Realities
Inked in OakTown 1.0

 Every ending is a new beginning.

Staying out of trouble was never a high priority for Quinn Campbell. What was the point? Between the tats, the muscles, the shaved head, everyone assumes he's a bad boy just by looking at him. But now his sister's future depends on Quinn's ability to convince state officials he's qualified to be her guardian. Messing up again is not an option. But surely there's no harm in cutting loose with a good girl like Jessie Dale -- right? Too bad Jessie's hiding a secret of her own!

Two years ago, social worker Jessie Dale made a big mistake. Her poor judgment cost a young girl her life. That's something the memorial tattoo on her arm won't let her forget. This time around, Jessie's playing it safe. She's determined to discover the truth and uncover the "real" Quinn Campbell -- before anyone else gets injured. Too bad no one told her heart that falling for the big, bad tattoo artist she's about to betray isn't such a good idea.

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Inked Priorities
Inked in OakTown 2.0

  Every picture tells a story.

Trevor Hart never wanted to be a TV star. But the money he's made appearing on Inked in Oaktown has allowed him to live life on his own terms. He's willing to do a lot to keep that life on track and dating network producer and tattoo virgin Zoe Townsend isn't even a hardship. He's been attracted to her from the start. But dating is one thing. Letting her in on the secrets that could blow his perfect life apart? Yeah, that's not happening.

Zoe Townsend has daddy issues. Creating the successful show Inked in OakTown was one way to impress her father, network head Thomas Townsend. Allowing said show to go down in flames? Not on her watch. Moving to the East Bay to run herd on her temperamental artists is a sacrifice, but one she's more than happy to make -- especially when it means spending time with leather wearing, motorcycle riding, sex-on-legs Trevor Hart. And, after all, Daddy doesn't have to know everything. But when Zoe stumbles across some of the secrets the OakTown gang have been hiding she's going to have to decide decide where her loyalties really lie.

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Inked Opportunities
Inked in OakTown 3.0

 Every girl has a secret to keep...or maybe two.

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Inked Boundaries
Inked in OakTown 4.0

 Everybody has to draw the line somewhere.

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Inked Inked Fraternities
Inked in OakTown 5.0

 Every dog has its day.

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