Going Back to Find You
Because even a vampire deserves a second chance.

Warning.This is not a drill. Vampires are invading your favorite small Nebraska town this Halloween. Does this mean Type-O flavored booze will be the new rage in Sapphire Falls? You never can tell...

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San Francisco, California
Three weeks before Halloween...

If there was one thing Jason Cook knew to be true, it was that he was no one's idea of a hero. He was moderately big, moderately strong; he knew a thing or two about following directions and keeping his mouth shut. All of which were good traits to possess if there was heavy lifting to be done or bodies to be disposed of.

Not that there had ever been all that many of the latter, to be fair, but he was a vampire. Dead bodies pretty much came with the territory. So there'd definitely been a few.

But other than on those odd occasions when someone with his particular skill set was required, Jason was used to being...well, overlooked was not too strong a word for it. Neglected. Forgotten. Ignored. Passed over. Left out. If he were to be honest, it was a state of affairs that suited him fine. It didn't hurt his feelings one bit to be able to fly under everyone's radar. In fact he considered it a critical survival technique. Experience had taught him early on that it was in his own best interests to steer clear of stronger, meaner, or more short-tempered vampires. No good had ever come from attracting their attention. And as for purposely seeking out their attention or, worse yet, actively confronting them? Well, that was a tactic he preferred to keep in reserve for instances in which his life, or someone else's,might depend on it. Which is why he was currently at risk of hyperventilating as he stood in the upstairs hallway of the Quintano Mansion, trying to force himself to knock on the door to his sire's private office.

It had been a surprise to receive word this evening that Conrad wished to speak with him. And not a happy one. This was, in fact, the first such invitation Jason had ever received in the more than one hundred and sixty years he'd been made a member of the Quintano vampire family. He had no idea what might have prompted tonight's missive, but it was hard to imagine it could be anything good.

"He's not Floyd," Jason whispered encouragement to himself. "He's nothing like him. You know that." Floyd, Jason's original sire, had been a bully with a mean streak a mile wide. And while Conrad far surpassed Floyd in nearly every way there was, he'd never struck Jason as being a bully.

"Enter!" growled a voice from within the room, pulling a defeated sigh from Jason's lips. Not a bully, but short tempered all the same, and as prone to violence as the next vampire. Not the kind of person you'd want to keep waiting. Of course Conrad would have heard him muttering to himself in the hallway outside his office. Heard him, or scented him... Hell, maybe he'd looked through the wall and saw him. Who knew what was possible when it came to the enhanced abilities most vampires seemed to possess? Most vampires. But definitely not Jason.

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