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Edge of Heaven

Welcome to the afterlife, where men are men and the angels are fallen.

Edge is an unlikely angel. Unable to atone for the sins he committed while human, he's resigned to spending the rest of eternity in Limbo. Until he meets a miracle named Matteo.



People have all sorts of misconceptions about angels. They think we’re perfect. They think we don’t have feelings or emotions or lust after each other’s bodies -- and occasionally after yours as well. That’s nonsense. Of course we do. We’re only human, after all. Or at least some of us were. Once.

My name is Edge. I’m an angel. And this is my story.

I understand how confusing it might seem at first, all the questions you’re probably asking yourself. Like aren’t angels and humans fundamentally different? Aren’t we completely separate species? Weren’t angels created first? The simple answer to all those questions is yes. But whoever said the universe was simple?

There’s nothing uncomplicated about the human heart. There’s nothing easy when it comes to free will. If you consider all the trouble a soul can get itself into, or if you think about all the tasks the celestial hosts are called on to perform, you’ll see why it only makes good sense for there to be more than one type of angel in the world. Besides, if you’d ever caught even a glimpse of one of the seraphim -- those fierce and fearsome creatures forever on fire to do battle against the forces of darkness -- you’d think twice too about using them as messengers to ordinary people. Never mind sending one of them to stand watch over the kiddies while they sleep!

The path to becoming an angel is actually far easier than you might imagine. All you have to do is lose your soul. That’s another concept many people find difficult to grasp. Soul loss. It’s something else that comes entirely too easily to most of us. Sudden death, violence, a lack of closure, guilt -- that’s all it takes sometimes. You lose your way. You disconnect. Your soul fractures. The next thing you know, you’re waking up here. Stuck in limbo. Unable to move on to heaven…or the next plane of existence…your next lifetime…

Okay, you want the truth? We don’t really know where we’re supposed to go from here. All we know is we aren’t going anywhere. Not yet. Not until we’ve found our closure, mended our fences, or in some cases, performed a truly unselfish act.

Unselfish. Now that’s hard.

Most of the folks here don’t have it as tough as that. They’ve just got closure issues to deal with. Closure is a piece of cake. It’s something almost anyone can manage once they’re ready for it. I’ve seen people find closure in the damnedest things. But unselfish acts -- truly unselfish acts? Well, that’s a whole nother story.

Take me, for example. I committed suicide. That’s what landed me here. And you really can’t get much more self-absorbed than that.

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Copyright 2006, PG Forte